Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Wednesday Randoms

  • As my other university friends are getting into day 3 of classes, I'm still enjoying the last few days of my 5 week Christmas break. And? I'm not bored at all. Sleeping till 9am, slowly getting out of head and running have become my new daily routine and I will miss it. Not looking forward to essays at.all!

  • I started tracking my food intake right after New Years, and have lost 2 pounds. Thanks MyFitnessPal! 

  • Half marathon training is going great. I wont tell you about my embarrassing bathroom emergency that happened on Saturday. Felt like an 80 year old person! 

  • Friday is special. It's Alex and mine 6 month (dating) anniversary. We're getting dressed up, having dinner at Wayne Gretzky's restaurant and seeing a comedy show tomorrow. 

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