Tuesday, April 16, 2013

Boston Forever

I woke up this morning with such a heavy heart but since I just woke, I didn't remember why I was sad.  It wasn't until I brushed the sleep out of my eyes that I remember what happened yesterday in Boston. 

You see, last year I was there. My amazing dad ran the Boston Marathon. I cheered him on at mile 16 and took the subway to the finish line to meet my dad, along with the thousands of others who were supporting their loved ones who lived out their own dreams. 

I was in the crowds of the thousands of runners and their families, the hundreds of volunteers and the media at the finish line. It was a zoo! I can only imagine how more crazy it was yesterday. 

My dad wanted to train again really hard the past year to qualify for Boston again for 2013 but in late summer 2012, he injured his foot real bad and to this day can't run 6k without it hurting. That is the scary part, thinking my family could have been down there this year again. If I think about, it would just be my parents as I have exams and papers to write this week. But we weren't down there. Thank you Lord for not letting my dads foot heal in time. (Feels silly to thank him for that, but really it saved our lives.) 

Boston and the Marathon is always talked about is my house, we have shirts and hats from last year always being worn. My family has goals of going again, maybe next year. Boston will always have a special place in our hearts. 

As much as I didn't want this post to be about my family or myself. It is coming out that way and I need to express my feelings. 

What happened yesterday sucked. It's sad and I want to cry. As a future elementary teacher I still feel uneasy about what happened in Newtown and now this? We can't even run one of the worlds most prestigious marathon in the world without fearing for our life. This world needs help. We need new laws...stat. 

Hearing the stories about the man who ran 26 miles for the 26 victims in Newtown and now his legs are gone?! I'm speechless at that. 

I encourage everyone today to wear blue or yellow in honour of all the victims and those for witnessed everything. If you can, go out and run. Even if it is 26 steps. 

I pray that all runners and their families get home safe and sound today. I pray for peace in this world that is changing and becoming dark....very fast. 

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