Tuesday, May 28, 2013

His and Her's Hobby

I love the kind of weekends that I just had, the ones where it's busy busy but at the sunday evening time, you still feel rested and ready for the week ahead.

I had my 3 day weekend last week so this was just a regular joe weekend for me.

Saturday, I met Alex at his work, Copper Creek Golf Course so we could go golfing in the evening. I had to carbo load for my half marathon the next day so we grabbed dinner at copper while meeting lot of the staff he works with. It was so good to meet the people he talks about all the time and put faces to names.

We golfed the front 9 holes, and he says I wasn't to bad for my 1st time (and he knows what he's talking about, Alex has taught many who are 1st timers.) And I only had to hissy fits on the course. Go me!

Sunday I woke up at 6:20am to run my 3rd half marathon. Yes, 3rd one in 8 months! I wasn't looking forward to running at all since I didn't train at all for this half like I did in February. My plan was to walk for 1 minute every mile, which helped stretch out my legs and hips. Overall, I'm so happy I finished in 2:15 minutes! I'm planning on running another half in October and I plan to finished under 2 hours. Pretty do-able.

Always sad to see weekends leave, at least another one is just around the corner.

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