Friday, May 24, 2013

If I won the lottery...

Every few weeks, when Alex buys a lotto ticket for the "big loot", as he calls 'em, we sometimes day dream what we would do if we ever won a whole heck of a lot of cash.

1) First, I would get mani and pedi's weekly without feeling guilty. Hello nice nails all the time!

2) I would take my friends on an amazing trip. My choice is Bora Bora. 

3) I would take a trip during football season to Chicago so Alex could see a game.  That guy would be in heaven. 

4) I would buy a beautiful house. Or build my dream one.

5) I would buy a mazda 3! It's my dream car. In silver. 

6) Money would be given to my favourite charities. Like the Humane Society, Breast Cancer Foundation.

7) My family would be given out money. I know that everyone would use some extra. 

...8) And of course I would save money. 

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