Thursday, May 16, 2013

Oh, I can see!

"Oh wow! Everything is so clear!"

...Was my first thought when I wore my new glasses outside. I was noticing when I would drive at night the lights were blurry and I realize now that I wear prescription glasses I can actually see the lines on the road! Don't laugh, I thought what I was seeing was totally normal! I always knew I would have to buy glasses at some point in my life because of my parents awesome eye genetics. Thanks mom and dad. And of course my lucky brother doesn't need glasses. 

If my prescription changes anytime soon, which I hope it doesn't. I would buy from Most or all of their glasses are marked down so you won't be paying full price and they have a really cool feature to try their glasses on all in the comfort of your own home. Very handy. The eyeglasses I choose, would be very modern, with black or brown shapes... like the one below. After trying on what felt like all the glasses Glasses USA had to offer, I finally picked these ones. I liked how I could see what they glasses would look like on my face, and see if my face shape went with the frames or not. I think they did for these ones!

You like?

Note: This is a paid sponsored post from Glasses USA but thoughts are my own. 

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