Monday, May 13, 2013

Monday Thoughts

  • It's the middle of May and it's feels like the middle of October in Toronto. Yesterday it was a high of 9, with flurries in some areas of Ontario and Environment Canada issued a frost warning. Mother nature is cruel. Cruel I tell you. 

  • Yesterday was my brother Ryan and Danielle (my Sister in Law's) 1st wedding anniversary. That year went very fast!

  • Turns out Alex and I have the same dating anniversary as Ryan and D. How crazy is that?!

  • I joined weight watchers again last night. My goal is to lose 14-17 pounds. So far it is going well. I just had lunch and completely starving. The old me would say "go eat more" but I know I've had enough. I'll just continue to eat my baby carrots. 
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