Saturday, May 18, 2013

Running MoJo is back!

Past couple of weeks I've been so sad about my lack of interest in running. My body has sure been sad too as it was craving some good sweaty workouts and yet I hated the thought of running. Blah.

I re-joined weight watchers this week after a 7 month hiatus and I knew I would have to get into running to help with losing weight and toning up. 

It felt so good to realize I've ran almost 10miles this week! Boo yah. Even better, it felt so good while running to actually not be hating every second of it but to be happy and wanting to go farther than what my goal(s) were for that run. 

My week on weight watchers was great, I won't be doing this every week but I did lose 2.8 this week! I noticed that I fail during snack times and eat way to much to be considered a "snack." That's being corrected! 

Happy long weekend. 
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