Friday, August 23, 2013

Letting Go

As of today, I am letting go of those in my life who treat me like dirt on their shoe. 

I'm letting go of "friends" who only bring negative energy to a relationship.

I'm saying see ya to those who think a friendship is a one way street. 

I'm done bending over backwards to be a good friend just be hurt.

Needless to say I'm done with those who act we're still in high school.

I will not be continuing to be a friend who I am not respected at all. 

I can't be in a friendship where I tell someone I'm hurt and they do not repent of their ways. 

I will surround myself with friends who want to truly be my friend.

Who value me and what I bring to friendships. 

Who respect me. Love me. And who do not harm me. 

I will put all my energy into relationships that deserve to be nurtured. 

I will stand up for myself. Starting now. 

I'm so glad that's off my chest. Being hurt once again by a friend whom I've known for years...hurts and I reached my breaking point. And no, I will not "let it slide" as I always do and eventually find my way back to being in her life. I can't, for myself, to involved with relationships like that. It's not fair to myself. 

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