Monday, August 19, 2013

Weekly Workouts 08/19-08/25

This week was okay for running. The past couple of weeks my tuesday runs have been bad. I feel like I'm not running naturally, a few kilometres in and I'm cramping up in my side or my legs are sore. I do think it's because my body isn't recovered from the Sunday long run. This past Sunday I spent much more time stretching. From now on I'm going to go swimming some time on Monday's to get the blood flowing and after wards do more stretching. I hope by doing this come Tuesday I can have a good 7km run.

I did well on making sure I workout my abs and arms this week. Did some abs moves on friday and still am sore! 

On the eating scene...I'm down 8 pounds since starting training for this half marathon! So happy to be seeing that new number. I know it's just a number but it makes me happy, okay? Still on weight watchers and slowly losing which is good for me. I am having a problem eating the crap food that is at work. The packages of cookies and treats people bring in. This week my goal is to eliminate how much processed foods I eat..especially at work.  

15 minute swim
Abs and Arms- here and here

7km Run

7 Hills


Abs and Arms

6km Run
Abs and Arms

17km Run

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