Thursday, September 12, 2013

Cancer Fears

I don't talk a lot about my mom's breast cancer on here. It's strange. I should, to maybe help someone who comes across my blog and maybe help them not feel alone. Especially for the children of parents who cancer. Because as much as cancer effects the person who has it, this disease effects in so many ways the family members too. 

Last week my mom went back to work (teaching) after being off for 11 months for treatments and to recover. 

It was so awesome to have her home everyday. Not just for meals being cooked but she was so relaxed and calm which is what she needed. 

But now, she's back working full time while trying to take care of herself (meaning working out, crafting etc) and the stress level in the house in back where it was before she got sick. 

I'm huge believer that cancer happens because the body is at dis-ease about something. I truly believe from my mom's case that cancer happen to remind our family to not sweat the small stuff. That eating someones chicken is not the end of the world. I know that cancer happen to give us another chance to become closer as a family. And the past 11+ months it did. My family talked more, said I love you more. Hugged and changed our priorities. 

But now things are changing, and I'm scared. The stress levels are back up, the arguments about the tiny things are beginning again. This is not what she needs. 

I've broken down in the past days because I am so afraid that the cancer will come back at some point. 

I hate cancer with everything I have and cannot see another loved one go through that again. Or anyone in that sense. 

I've been doing so much praying in the past days. To keep my mom healthy and for my dad and I to do the best we can around the house. Please, pray too. 
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