Wednesday, October 23, 2013

Whin, Whin and more whiny

I'm pretty angry at my school right now---

Monday and yesterday, I had two big mid terms to study for. Since monday I had a 3 hour break (way to long btw) I went to the library with a friend of mine to study. Same with Tuesday. 

I walked around the library, went to 3 "study" floors, where I passed many people sleeping, watching videos on their computers etc. When I finally found a spot. 

Tuesday I did the same thing. Went to the study floors, walked around and found no empty seats. Finally I left, because no one was getting up and walked to where my mid term was being held and found a table and a chair and made my own study space. 

The reason I'm so mad? Ryerson can spend 175,000+ on painting the cement ground of our school colours when that money could be spent on more study spaces! Waste of money. Waste of hard earned $$$. It ticks me off.

I try and be a positive person, to be more "walk a mile in there shoes" before I say something in my head. Easier said than done. Right?

Well I lost it last night. It was Alex's birthday yesterday and I love celebrating people's birthday's because it's there day. We had breakfast together, he went to play golf with his 3 best friends as I went to school. After, some of his best friends said they'd come down to my area to have dinner. We were so excited. But it never happen since they bailed and made excuses about how long the drive is. The drive that Alex and I make a lot to spend time with friends. It hurts ya, know. To always make an effort to be somewhere and have it not returned. Alex is very hurt which makes me super sad. 

Friendship is a two way street. That's all I'll say. 

Feels good to get things off my chest. 
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