Friday, November 8, 2013

Say hello

Welcome to More Sangria, please! I love "meeting" new bloggers, so please, stay around. 

1) My morning routine is simple but I love it. Wake up, check emails, make bed and head into the kitchen for food because I'm always starving when I wake up. While sipping coffee I read the paper, get the what happenings all around. Then shower and off to school or work. 

2) Love instagram (@lifeofsarahh). my favourites are (in no order) @lovesoflife, @perfectlyjenn and @paleoOMG. 

3) My daily reads vary but I love reading paleo food blogs. More on that later. Also I love beauty blogs like Meg on the Go

4) My family is amazing and I love them. Living with my parents is great since I get to see them everyday but I miss my brother and SIL who live a few hours away. 

5) My favourite holiday tradition is going to my aunt's house on Christmas eve and opening stockings that my Gramma puts together for all 24+ of us. It's a really fun evening and something I look forward too. 

6) This one was hard to think of! But something random about me is how much I love to sing. Car, shower, church, everywhere. From disney to Lady Antebellum, Sarah loves singing.  
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