Friday, December 6, 2013

New beauty finds

With a title like that you'd think I was a beauty blogger. In my dreams. 

I *think* I have found the new holy grails of makeup. I want to hug them all for how awesome they are. 

First, let's talk about my dark circles. Pretty sure my genes hate me and have decided I rock the look of death everyday, even with 9 hours of sleep. But nothing would hide the colour or stay on for my long days of classes without fading asap, or getting into my fine lines which made me look old! 

I finally went to Sephora and carried on about my problems with concealors. The nice lady set me up with the Buildable one and so far it's covering the circles, keeping my eyes hydrated all day long.

Garnier BB cream is amazing. Just amazing. Put that on and a little foundation and boom, you look like a million bucks. 

Urban Decay gets two thumbs up in my book now too. I was finding my eyeliner is mad fading fast and I needed something that would stay on during the day. So that when I'm going home from school my makeup still looks good. This eyeliner does it. They weren't lying when it claims to stay on for 24 really does. 

I'm so happy to have finally tried these products. Very pleased. 

What other products are you guys loving?  
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