Monday, December 9, 2013

Paleo talks

I completely forgot to mention on here that I'm doing the Paleo 30 day challenge this month. I know, crazy to do it during the holidays with all the sweets and christmas cake but I didn't want to wait till January. I've been working out like crazy, pumping it at bodypump and want to see results and not ruin my workouts with the food I put in my body.

I've been eating tons more veggies throughout the day which is my main down fall (isn't it for every one?!)

It's been fun making new recipes like spaghetti squash and smoothies for breakfast or a quick snack. And Paleo pancakes, opposite of what I've heard aren't that bad to eat!

It's going good. Lost 3.2 pounds like week and also over the past month- 6.5 cm! That's crazy to me. feel great. Light----all day long which is why I'm doing the challenge. 

4 days separates me and the end of this semester. It's been a tough one. The expectations are different and it's been a lot to get used to (again.) 

I'm looking forward to sleeping in everyday and doing whatever the heck I want everyday. I think I've earned it. 


TLC always, always sucks me in to shows. Currently, I can't get enough of Breaking Faith. A few months it a go it was Breaking Amish and now it's FLDS folks. Just something about these ways of life and faith that sucks me in. Anyone else?

That's enough from me, gotta get back to the books. Almost done. 
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