Wednesday, December 11, 2013

What the neighbours think.

I'm taking a little break from stuffing my head full of Canadian Politics (which is actually really interesting). Exam is tomorrow and I need to pass.  Keep them positive thoughts coming my way. 

Christmas is in full effect here at the Hannon household. Tree is up, snow globes are out and the music is playing every waking moment. Totally sound like a cheesy commercial for Walmart or something. I was sad that we didn't cut down our own tree at a farm like we did a few years back. Turns out those trees were from Quebec.
Today I decided to study at home, instead of going to the library. Big mistake. I just cant study at home. My day literally is "oh I gotta pee" "and now that I'm up I'll check my phone for messages." 

5 minutes later. 
"but I need a snack to keep me going"-gets up and makes food
And before I know it, 2 hours have gone by and I've done 15 minutes of studying.
When I study at home I never get dressed. No point to me. And so when the mailman delivers the mail and the lovely neighbour comes and gives my Christmas decoration that fell down, they both give me strange looks. So what if it's 3pm and I'm not dressed. Stop judging!

I've decided to not run a half marathon in March. That's when my next half should be if I keep following the Running Room schedule. I'm still going to run with everyone to keep active but with school keeping me very busy, I don't want to let my marks slip again because I'm focused on training. 
Also, I'm obsessed with the Y and the classes there. 
So if I miss a run here or there? Not a biggie. 

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