Friday, January 10, 2014

Separating...with my phone...again.

I came across this post about divorcing our phones a few days a go. Go read it before I continue.

I'm with Jarrid on this-I'm divorcing my phone for a while. It's pathetic how much I use my phone and on it. Do you know I check facebook at least 5 times a day? The first thing I do in the morning is check instragram and same with facebook and the last thing I do before bed. Many nights-I'll fall asleep while on my phone, not reading a book or journaling, on the phone.---that was hard to write. 

Its horrible how my phone can suck me in. How I feel I'm missing out on something if I don't check social media. 

And now its affecting my relationship with Alex. I'm always on his case about him voxing his guy friends about their dumb fantasy sports. Wishing he would put it down and spend time with me. Well, he called me out on it Monday night when we were watching the bachelor together and I was on twitter following #thebachelor, to see what people thought. 

"I'm watching babe, just checking my phone"

" yes I'm still on it, and yes I'm paying attention"

" please don't, I like playing on my phone when I'm watching tv" 

That was out convo during out time together. It's not fair that I have my phone up my nose while we're supposed to be spending quality time together. And really, who cares what other people think about that girl and this girl. 

I don't need to check facebook multiple times a day. Because whose who have important news in their life will call or text me, not leave it to facebook. That's why I deleted twitter from my phone and go on maybe 2x a week. 

I don't want to be that girl who is seen with her phone out all the time. I especially don't want my loved ones to feel less important and have to compete with my phone for attention. 

So yes, phone-we're separating for a while. You will stay on my dresser-away from my night table at night and in my room/purse when on date nights. Maybe we can re-evulate things about a few weeks but I have to many important and good things going on in my life for you to ruin. 

Tell me-do you have the same issue with your phones?
What's your plan?   

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