Monday, February 3, 2014

Lost and found: Passion

Since I was a little girl, hmm around 8 or so I knew 10406% that I wanted to become an elementary teacher. That feeling when I would tell folks my plan gave me chills because it felt so right in my heart.

Thinking of teaching 22 eight year olds made me grin so much and I couldn't wait to have my own class. 

During the past few months at school, I've been hearing lots of talk of girls changing their ultimate job goals and saying that being around children this much is making them dislike children. I don't blame them for feeling that like. 

For me, around the end of October, I began to start thinking the same thoughts and second guessing my ability to be an amazing teacher. 
I was able to finish the semester while pushing the thoughts aside but they came back full force during the Christmas break. Fully thinking I've wasted 2.5 years of school on a program I don't like. 

Sharing with Alex and my parents that I was beginning to think I wasn't made to be a teacher and love on those children was tough. Tough because it's what everyone around me has encouraged me to pursue. 

Tough because if I don't teach, what other jobs are out there?!  Kidding, a little...

When classes were starting up again I prayed a lot for help and guidance, especially with doing a student placement in a school this semester. I needed help because I knew it wasn't right to go a full 180 on what passion. 

I guess these thoughts was stress creeping up on me because as soon as I was introduced to those sweet, sweet kindergartens children, I knew once again that I, Sarah will be a teacher one day. And a darn good one too.  

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