Monday, March 17, 2014

From the dog

He looks great with a dog ;)

*Wipes sweat from brow*

Dogs...big dogs (useful ones ha) are a lot of work! A week looking after Fenway was tiring but very worth it, according to my don't-have-a-dog-but-loves-dog self. 

I've never seen a dog so happy to play in 18cm of snow, or have that much fun eating peanut butter from her cone. Maybe they all do, but my cats don't. 

Fenway taught us lots this week. 
First she taught us that my family is more of "let's babysit the dogs but we'll never buy one"
We'll stick with our cats.

Being with Fenny (I nicknamed her) made me think that dogs can really teach us a lot in life. 
-be outside. Don't spend our time in doors.
-Get plenty of exercise, especially walks.
-make people smile
-be busy during the day that you sleep so good at night
-cuddling is nice

and most importantly,
-don't jump on people. *Apparently dog owners need to say sorry when the dogs jump?* 

Gosh, she's been gone for a day now and I miss her to much. Such a good pup. 
Till next time, Fen.

What has your dog taught you?
Are you a dog or cat person? Why

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