Monday, June 2, 2014

They were right-eating right and exercise is key

On Saturdays around lunch time I go to my favourite gym exercise class, it's a bootcamp where we do lots of tabata work with cardio and weights. That 1 hour class is a killer where I constantly give myself pep-talks along the lines of it's only an hour, you can do this for an hour, and you'll feel so good after this class is done, now keep moving. 

The instructor is this really really fit women whose life is about fitness and wellbeing. When I say fit I mean she has muscles that I didn't even know existed. She's great and I may have a little crush on her. 

She also says the best things at the right time, like when I was doing jump squats and she looked right at me and said 5 little words that meant so much to me those are great jump squats. I needed that little push because this class was kicking my tush. 

It feels really good to be pushing it really hard during my workouts. With the whole30 challenge and working hard at every class I'm really happy with my progress. 

Whole30 was great. Having my bestie Karen doing it along with me helped me so much to stay on the wagon. By help I mean make muffins and granola bars for each other to snack on. 

April 30th 2014-June 1st, 2014

April 30th, 2014-June 1st, 2014
I didn't lose any weight during this whole30 challenge but I did lose 3cm from my waist and 3.5 from hips. 

What's next now the "challenge" is over? Nothing. I plan on sticking to this type of eating. More whole foods, processed is out. Foods with ingredients I can pronounce is the main thing I focus on. Fresh foods. Not looking back now. 
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