Thursday, February 17, 2011

Me loves Wednesday's

I'm big on routines and traditions.

If I normally do something at a certain time you better believe it that I will keep doing it at that time.

Take wednesdays.

I LOVE wednesdays.

Wanna know why?

Wednesdays is MY time with the BFF. You see Karen and I would sometimes go without days before we saw each other. We I got tired of that, so we changed it.

It started almost 18 months ago. Karen took that year off school (i'm such a copy cat!) and got into glee. Me? Not so much (take your chins off the ground, I LOVE GLEE! I thought it was the stupidest show ever! But after work one day Karen called me and I "come over now we're watching glee." So being the polite cute girl I went over and fell in love. At.first.sight with finn/puck. After Christmas I didn't work wednesdays so we got in the habit of watching glee/friends on wednesdays. I walked over to Karen's house at 6...we would watch an episode or two of friends (we finished all ten seasons in 7 months!) After mid week bible study we would come back to her house, grab a snack (made a mad dash for the tv) and watched glee. 

Since glee is on tuesdays, and I work then, we watch it wednesdays. Since we finished friends we now are on the 7th season of the office. Its so funny! love LOVE LOVE it!

I love wednesdays. I look forward to it every week. My parents do to. They have 3 hours of alone time. Its funny when I stay home (because karens sick/to much hw ect.) they always ask "when you leaving for Carols?" "Shouldn't you be at Karen's?") I have no clue what they do (not that I want to.)

I love hump day. Seeing my BFF/watching fav shows =bliss.

It's one of the reasons why I might stay at home for university. But who knows.

What's your favourite day of the week and why?

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