Tuesday, February 22, 2011

Wear a bow for Maddie

(I was reading a blog that I follow and this breaks my heart, lets do this! I will even tho I don't have kids)
I know I posted about this family yesterday
but you guys these tears are just never ending.
I have cried so much in the past couple days over this little girl and her family who is going through the process of planning their 4 month baby girl's funeral.

My heart just hurts so much right now.
And this mom needs so much support, love, and prayers right now.

More than ever.

So I'm asking, each and every one of you to do something special.

Maddie's mom made a request yesterday on her blog.
Her little girl loved BIG bows.

Maddie's mom asked for all you moms out there to put a big bow on your daughter on WEDNESDAY 2/23, and send her pictures.

Please please do this for her.

And even if you don't have a daughter, post about it... spread the word. 

If this is something that she needs, something that shows how many lives her little one has touched... then take a minute out of your day and offer that support....

And if you haven't already....head over to her blog and send her some loving words and prayers of support.
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