Monday, March 21, 2011

The Kitchen

I'm sorta embarrassed to post this.
 I shouldn't but I am.
Here's the story:

My parents bought this house in 1985. It's in a hot spot for prime real estate (or so I've been told.) When they (or I should say my dad) bought this house it was the classic east york bungalow (the two bedrooms at the back, kitchen/living room in front and basement.) Then when my brother was 5 and my parents had been married for 10 years I came along. At this time the rents put an addition above the garage.That addition was a bedroom, walk in closet and an office for my parents. My brother and I had the main floor bedrooms. This made the house 2.5 floors.

Along the 26 years my rents have owned the house, we've had Reno's done. First was the addition. Then in 2006 the basement was re-done. I wish I had pictures of the basement but sadly I don't. It was the ugly basement with the dark wood side paneling. It was scary! We finally got it gutted. It's now this open, bright, doesn't-feel-like-a-basement-anymore room.

Wanna know what's next? The kitchen. Ugh the kitchen no-one likes. Its the classic 1970/east york kitchen. It fits two people comfortably. (Ya you heard me)
So after years months of my mom begging asking my dad for a new kitchen, he finally let in.

Here are the before shots of the ugly kitchen.
The 1970's stove.
This right here: is ALL the counter space we've gotten to work with.

Yikes. The floor. Thank goodness it's gone too.
Well that wasn't as heard as I thought it was gonna be. I dislike the kitchen. I always apologize to guests when they come over. I shouldn't. They really don't care. But I do.

My mom just texted me asking for me to take pictures of the "during" reno's. So I'm off to do that.

On a side note: I feel like I'm coming across as a snobby witchy girl. I'm not. I'm sorry if I do. It's just my kitchen is old and who doesn't like getting new things for their house?

happy monday!
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