Wednesday, March 23, 2011

What I'm loving wednesday!

You might wonder what I'm loving today.
Well let me show you!

  • I'm loving the weather! Notice the sarcasm? Ya well it's there. I completely understand snow in the beginning of march. Maybe into the second week. But come one winter throw us a bone! There's what 8 days left of march and it's still snowing? Please go away!  p.s I loved getting splashed by slush while on my way back from the library. Loved it a lot! 

  • I'm loving the reno's! So I know that I should't be complaining, but it's now day 3 and I'm beginning to grow bored of it all. I mean I love it when the kitchen people have to be so darn polite and knock on the door at 715am, even though we've told them to just come on in and do their thang. But nooo they would rather knock. Which doesn't sound bad but hey i'm sleeping you don't have to knock! Oh and don't get me started on cooking food. A camper burner isn't as fun as it sounds. 

  • I love the fact the my brother order something in the mail but wouldn't tell ANYONE what is inside. My mom and I seriously think it's a ring. My bros gf bday (you like all those acronyms) is on march 31 so um ya I think I'll have a sister-in-law to be soon :) how exciting!

  • I'm loving my twitter account. Again NOT! I don't know but recently, I don't really like it. I try and start up a convo with some of my other blog "friends" but it dies down really quickly. Ya so what if I'm new to the blog world, I know you chat all day with others. Okay enough about that. 

  • I love that their was a problem at work last night so I texted by boss and called him for help. Did he ever get back to me? Nope. Ask me how impressed I was. Please, ask away. 
I apologize for venting. Ugh. 
Happy Wednesday!  

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