Sunday, March 20, 2011

My week in the US of A

This past wednesday to friday my parents and I took a short road trip to buffalo for some must needed shopping! The border is only 2 hours away from home so it's not that far. I was dying to shop in my favourite amercian store, target! I'm beyond happy that starting in 2014 target will be in Canada! I'm totally counting down the days. Only what...1005 days!?

Every time I'm in target I always love finding these two ilses. I seriously love the ilse with the little mini toiletries, it's like getting samples...but for a dollar. 

And the candle ilse is AWESOME!

I got these four. L to R: Sweet Pea, Pear, Beach towel, and Fruit Punch.

Thursday night I convinced the rents to go to the Cheesecake Factory. After waiting for 45 minutes. For dessert we of course had some cheese cake. We agreed not to each get our own. Hello! Have you seen how big they are! We all picked our favourite and would pick from a hat. My mom picked the chocolate carmel, and my dad and I chose the red velvet!

And the winner was....
...Red Velvet! It was good. A little rich and too much icing but perfect to share.

Since we were away on St.Patty's day, everything was green, including this bagel.

I had to take a picture of what I bought too. 

  • A blue skirt from Kohl's
  • Running outfit from Nike
  • Flowery sleeping shorts from gap
  • A shirt from Kohl's
  • A project...writing on the wall thing
  • Candles
  • Vitamin water!
It was such a nice trip! I'm glad my dad is sweet enough is drive my mom and I just so he can sit outside the stores and read. Love you daddy!

I miss you already Target and Kohl's.
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