Tuesday, May 10, 2011

My play.

I don't think I've ever posted about my play. Correction: I haven't.
Here it is!

Back in November I decided to take a risk and audition for the Sears Drama Festival . One of my classmates was directing and had written the play. For those who doesn't know, Sears (other than a store) is a drama festival for high school students. Schools enter, put on play, get judged, move on to next round (if they make it.)

This play was called GIRL. To be honest it was a messed up play. Not messed up like dis-organised but very confusing for the audience. Those in the play knew what was happening but most who came to watch came out with TONS of questions. The director didn't want the plays message to be handed to the audience. She wanted them to actually think. She said that she was tired of watching movies and plays where the audience didn't have to think because EVERYTHING (meaning all the information) was handed to them.

That being said I'll do my best to explain what it was about. Joel was the main character who has issues. He falls in love with GIRL (that was her name) but Joel has other things that got in the way of him finding happiness. Like Spencer, Maggie and old man. These characters were made up in Joel's head. He had to "get rid of them" in order to find love with Girl. But he HAD a girl, enter me. I was Trish, Joel's girlfriend or baby mama (we had a kid). I wanted him back (for money) but he told me to get lost. After all the characters were "gone" he found GIRL and loved her. My second role was a "black face." We represented society, how we are all the same.

Here are some of the pictures of me that the amazing guitarist took. He wrote all the songs for the play. The music added comic relief, added to the mood and overall was a blessing to have.

Me getting pissed at Joel

Me and Spencer

Me being Trish

Joel and GIRL
I just realized that I had no pictures of the black faces. I'll paint you a picture: picture 7 people dressed all in black wearing a white mask. Got it?!

We were very successful the first round, made it through. The second round (out of three) we lost. Only 2 plays out of 9 went on so the odds weren't in our favour. None the less it was an amazing time. I loved being part of that play.

I want to thank all the people involved in the play. All the actors, stage crew, sound people, and lights.
Thank you to my parents who drove me to work right after rehearsal. And came out to support me when we put on the play. THANKS!

happy tuesday.
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