Monday, May 2, 2011

update/news...whatever you want to call it :)

Good things come to those who wait.
More and more that little saying that I've heard all my life is speaking loud and clear.

Fall 2011 I was supposed to go to Ryerson University where I live,  for Child and Youth Care.
Today, that all changed. Well some of it changed. 
I'm still going to Ryerson but not for Child and Youth Care.  I got into my first choice on sunday, Early Childhood Education! I accepted right away and now that's the program I'm in!

I've always planned on being an elementary teacher so this 4 year program is perfect! The Child and Youth Care would have gotten me into teachers college but now my program is tailored to those who want to, no, plan to teach kindergarden- 6th grade. 

A little over a year a go when I applied to university's this ECE program was still my top choice but I didn't get in. Somewhere a long the line my marks were lost and weren't given in time to Ryerson. This and along with other situations was why I took off the year. 
I waited, around 2 years to get into this program, and it's paid off! 
I'm still in disbelief as I let it sink in.  
God is good! 

happy monday friends! 

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