Monday, June 6, 2011

Monday randoms

I've missed being random with you guys! 

~For those prayer warriors out there, I have request. Friday night after I got home from work, my mom told me that my Grandpa (her dad) was in emergency because he might have had a stroke. He came in from being outside shortly after dinner friday night and told my grandma, "I think I had a stroke." Apparently he was watering some flowers and half an hour woke up on the ground. At press time, he's home and resting. Pray for both him and my grandma who is looking after him. 

~Me+diets+vacations=not a good mix. While I was away I went to weight watchers and gained 4.3 flippin pounds the first week and thankfully lost 1.4 the next. Well? Saturday I weighed in and lost 3.4 and my 5%!!!!! Total weight loss....8.4! Only 11 pounds away from goal! 

~I was going to wait till later this week for a surprise post but since I'm on a roll I'll tell ya. The weight loss might be from the 30 day Shred (with Jillian Michaels) that I'm doing. Wednesday is my half way point so except some measurements. (oh gosh, hold me) 

~My brothers wedding date got changed. Nothing big happened. Instead of the 26th of May it'll be the 12th. They wanted it to started at 3pm (its cheaper) instead of 5pm (the original time on the 26th.) Almost 11 months away! Can't wait :) 

~Since the date has changed my family from Alberta can come! If it was on the 26th they couldn't because my cousin Eric is graduating high school on the 25th. They have my uncles family from all over stay over the weekend to celebrate and stuff and there was no way they could make it. But now? They can! When I told my aunt, she started crying. I'll leave the story for another post. It's a goodie! 

~I'm excited to start lifeguarding outside soon! I don't work indoors during the summer (hello? tan!) and close to the end of the month I'll be switching over to outdoor pools! I'm ready for a change, just something new. 

~That being said, I'll miss the other guard that I've worked with for the past year (thats twice a week for 4 hours) and also we've worked together since 2008! Nicole has become such a good friend of mine and I'll miss talking to her all night! I hope we can get together a few times to catch up :) 

happy monday! 
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