Thursday, June 16, 2011

The most annoying game...

Is Who am I.

This week I'm babysitting my younger cousins 3x a day. They come at 840am so I can walk them to school, then I have them for lunch and pick them up after school at 330. Its fun, except for this one game Adam and Grace play at lunch, or anytime.

Basically its like 30 questions. The first player thinks of a person in their head and says GO.
The other players go around the table/room asking questions in order to guess the person.
This is the typical way we play.

Adam: mkay, go
Grace: are you a boy?
Adam: no (now we knows its a girl)
Grace: are you on american idol?
Adam: no
Grace: are you 23?
Adam: no
Grace: are you 18?
Adam: yes
Grace: are you Selena Gomez?
Adam: YES!!!!
*add in a few, "ugh I hate this game," "just tell us Adam," "shot me please." by yours truly and that's the most annoying game.

I honestly hate it so much. I have no clue why I do but I just do okay?
When they start I actually need to leave the room because I feel my blood rising.
I may or may not have told them they can't play the game when I'm around. Cruel? A bit. Necessary? You bet.

happy thursday friends!
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