Saturday, July 23, 2011

bye for now

Today my morning is filled with nothing but last minute packing for camp. Yes, that's right, I'm going to camp!

The bff Karen and I are going out to Camp Omagh for the week. We are counselling ages 11-13. Karen has been going to this camp since she was born and I first went in 2003. I did 5 more summers of being a camper then 3 years a go transitioned to be a counsellor.

Its a busy busy week but so worth it in the end. The day is full of God worshipping, laughing and smiles (cheesy..I know, but true.)

This is a picture from last year. karen and I

*I won't be around at.all this week. There are no electronics at camp and this year I will try to follow suit. I will have my cell but I'm bring my laptop therefore I can't read blogs! I'll catch up when I come back.

**Please nothing BIG happen when I'm gone!
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