Friday, July 22, 2011

work re-cap part deux

Work this week wasn't as crazy as last. Since I'm going to camp (tomorrow's post) tomorrow I'm only guarding 12-8pm. I worked monday-wednesday and today till 8.

We've been having a problem with the dirtiness of the water. Each day around late afternoon we start to notice the water getting very murky and cloudy. In the end we have to close the pool because we can't see the black circle from 9 meters away. Basically people don't shower (which is the law) and their oils are brought into the pool. It also doesn't help that families are putting sunscreen on and hopping in and out of the pool all day long. Now, a guard has to sit outside the change rooms and ask people to go back and shower to keep the pool clean.


When it gets really really hot the city extended's pools that have lights hours till midnight. This week we had to have late swim because its so hot out! Yesterday felt like 48, (118 for you americans.) I wanted to work the extended hours because a) more money and b) I've heard it gets pretty crazy! I worked till 8 as i said, so at 8 I would rush over to monarch pool and guard till midnight.   Nothing big happened while I worked. Usually people come in drunk and do stupid stuff. Yay for 12 hours days!

happy friday!
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