Friday, July 15, 2011

crazy pool stories

During the week I find myself sharing work stories to my family. I got some pretty good ones from the crazies who hangout at the pool all day.

Tuesday, I was guarding the deep end test area and all of a sudden thought, "why don't I pick one day a week and blog about the crazy week at Riverdale pool?"

So friends? Friday will be dedicated to my work stories. :)

In the change rooms, there are lockers. It's like the grocery store where you pay .25 and when you return the key you get the money back. A lot of times people forget to talk the money. Lately, I find myself "doing walk thru's" of the change rooms and collecting the money! Since monday I already have found $7.75 in quarters!  I feel bad for taking it, but finders keepers!

My pool and my house is about a 15 minute bike ride. And those that come swimming live in the neighbourhood. I was talking to this really sweet mom on wednesday and found that she lives down the street from me! It was to cool. Small world! And yes, I did tell her that I babysit.

For some reason we have to deal with a lot of smokers. They have to leave the pool deck and go outside. But? Not all people do. You see, theres this big bush that if you hide behind it, its hard for people to see you there. Not when Sarah's on deck. Monday I've caught 3 different people smoking in the bush! Funny thing is, they think its a new sneaky spot to take a cig but since forever, its been a "hot" spot to smoke! Us lifeguards know everything!

happy friday!
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