Monday, July 11, 2011

recent finds

I am so in love with the awesome site that is etsy. If you have no clue what it is, its a website where people sell homemade vintage items. It's similar to ebay but everything is made my people around the world in their little crafts rooms.

I've bought a headband from a friend who has since closed her shop back in january. Though, a few weeks I wanted to look around for a heart shape ring and turned to etsy for help. Sure enough they had lots.
After weeks of waiting stupid mail strike *this* ring came.

I love it so much. It's really light, sometimes I forget its on but its what I was looking for. Best of all? $25 bucks ain't bad!

Thanks to pool hoppers, (people who hop the fence each night after pool hours to party) us lifeguards find the best stuff in the morning. Money, beer cans (all empty of course) and jewelry. The other day i found a pair of earrings. After a good week of them not being claimed, I brought them home.

Now before you start, I cleaned them with rubbing alcohol and regular earring cleaner.

I used to think big earrings weren't good on me because I thought they didn't fit my face type..but I was wrong! I wore them out on saturday and love them! Thank you pool hopper.

A few years a go my aunt gave my family a big outdoor chair as a present for babysitting my ten year cousin who was like 2 for a few weeks while she worked. Summer after summer the chair got worn out because of weather. This weekend my dad bought some paint and fixed it up!
 I love the colour. Why? I picked it out! I wanted something bright and summery.

happy monday friends!
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