Saturday, July 9, 2011

my crazy day

Yesterday was a crazy day at work. Like pull-my-hair-out crazy. Okay, not really but this was my first week working 8:45-5pm and by Friday I was DONE!

I woke up on a happy but mostly kinda sad note. I usually don't remember my dreams but Thursday night I had the best dream. It was pretty simple, it was me and my two cousins Meghan and Eric from Alberta (yes,the ones I visited.) We didn't do anything special in the dream, just talking about Eric's IRL (in real life) new girlfriend and that cowboy I met. I woke up re-playing the dream and being happy that I got to "hang" with my cousins. Then? Out of no-where, I got sad. Sad because I can't just "hang" with the two of them whenever I want. Sad because I miss them. Sad because I love them and want to spend time with both of them. Is it a coincidence that yesterday was july 08 and aug 08/11 their coming here for a visit?! I think so.

I do teach swimming lessons in the morning. I do like it. A) I'm outside, in the beautiful water when its not to hot out. But? (I hope I don't get in trouble for saying this) but some of the kids drive me crazy!

I teach this little girl named Mary (not her real name) for a 30 minute private class from 11-11:30. The first day she left 10 minutes in because the water was "to cold." Whatever, extra 20 minute break for me. The next day she "forgot" how to do "bobs" (submerge under water, come up) after 5 minutes of her crying, I gave up and told her that we were moving on. The last 3 days as soon as something gets difficult or she becomes tired she cries and goes and talks to her mom. This happens in last couple of minutes of class so they go home early. Today, we had a good 15 minutes of "bobs", diving for pennies and side swim. When I asked her to do front crawl she freaked out and yes, cried. I didn't let her get out as fast to talk to her mom and finally she did. I told her I would  stay here and wait for her to come back. She did come back, with 3 minutes left of class.

Its not that bad, more annoying than anything, until the mom came and talked to me as the family was leaving. She asked  "whats going on?" and I explained that once Mary decides she can't do something she shuts down and nothing I say or do can get her back. The mom says "we've never had this problem." Oh no you didn't! Well, I said "I've never had this either. Yes, two can play this game.

It bugs me that this mom thinks its my fault that her daughter shuts down and says "but I can't" 5 million times a day.

Oh and don't ask your nephew from Ireland who just so happens to be a lifeguard what else I could do.

I do believe it has something to do with the fact that she babies Mary too much. Just my opinion, don't hate.

Skip forward a few hours. Its 5pm. One hour left till home time (I had to stay till 6.) I'm sitting at the deep end chair watching these grade 8 boys push each other in the water for the tenth time since I've been here. When all of a sudden I get the strongest whiff of some marijuana. I calmly turn around hoping to catch who ever is doing it when I see two ladies and a man sitting to the left of me in the grass no less with a puff of smoke around them. I get down and walk over, say hi guys, theres no smoking here, you'll have to leave the pool deck to do that. The man says "we're not." Okay, no worries I think. I apologize for accusing them and start to leave. Don't ask me why the trailer trash women mocked my hand jester when I said "sorry, I thought it was you." And yes, I told her not to mock me.

I go off and tell the other guards what happened and the SHALLOW end guard says "I smelt that too!" Crazy.

I do believe they  lied to me but whatever.

I'm glad for two days off.
Come Monday, send a prayer my way would you? Pray that Mary doesn't come to her lesson  I have a good day.
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