Saturday, September 17, 2011

ticked, rattled and taken-advantage of...

...that is how I feel right now.

Dear family member,
Just because I'm related to you doesn't mean that you can go months without paying for me looking after your children. Remember this time a year a go when you asked If I could watch your kids and that you would pay me? Remember we agreed on $5 a visit? Remember when I had to ask you in november for my money because you didn't ask the total? Remember how I said it was awkward for me to ask you each month for money, that we both said it would work if you asked me at the end of each month the total? That way I could avoid the awkwardness of asking you.

You didn't do that.

So yes, I went from February-june with no pay. I let it go, thinking it was me doing a good deed.

But then you asked a month a go how much you owned me. I told you the amount.

Now that I've spent a a boat load of money on textbooks I would like the money. I wanted the money so I gathered up my courage and texted you asking really nicely if I could get the money. I didn't say "by tomorrow", just asap.

What ticks me off is that over 4 days later, a) you never responded and b) no money in my hands.

I feel taken-advantage of because for years I would drop everything for you and your hubby and babysit for you both. I would babysit late at night and call my dad to drive me home. *which baby-sitting doesn't work that way, if its late at night, an adult drives the sitter home*

I've put up with a lot but yet I never said anything. I feel taken-advantage because I've done a huge favour for you and your hubby and yet I don't get payed? How would you feel if you worked and had to chase your boss down for money? That's what I thought.

*I know I sound very very very selfish, I'm sorry if I come across that way, but I'm very hurt by this situation and its not like I can tell this person how I really feel.

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