Wednesday, September 28, 2011

What I'm loving Wednesday

Linking up with the lovely Jaime today.

What am I loving this week?

1) I'm loving the fact that my dad made it into the Boston Marathon! Back in Sept of 2010 my dad ran his second marathon and qualified for Boston. He ran another one a few short weeks after and ended up seriously injuring his heel. No running for him for months. He is all better now and has started bumping up his training lots. Last week he entered his time and the BM people were going to let everyone know today if they made it. But on monday evening, he checked his email and! He is on the top of the world. Boston Marathon is basically the olympics for marathoners. Hopefully I can go and not have exams during that time!

2) I'm loving school. No seriously, I am. It's a lot of work even with 4 classes instead of 5 (I had to drop my elective...way to hard, I'll make the credit up in summer school.

3) I am loving Lady Antebellum's new CD. Borrowed my aunts this weekend and put it on my ipod right away!

4) I am loving that yesterday was my first day back at work. It was great seeing my friend Nicole, we didn't work together this summer as she was the wading pool manager and I was at the big outdoor pool. Its just the two of us tuesdays so we've gotten really close the past year. She's great. 

5) I'm loving doing the shred again. My friend Laura started up a little 30 day challenge for a few that wanted to join from twitter. I haven't missed a day yet!  I haven't lost any weight but I sure have lost inches!  

6) I am loving this hair style. I got my hair cut (a well needed trim) on monday and almost got a lob (longer bob) I'm seriously thinking of getting it done next time. I just love it! Thoughts? Thank kate for sharing your hair secrets. 
7) I'm loving the blog world. Sounds funny but hear me out. I've only been blogging for 9 months but already am in love with it. I love reading everyones blogs and feeling like I'm there, living in your city or town. I love the emails I exchange with my girls. I look forward to them. I love that all my blogger friends help me and encourage me a daily bases. I love that most of the blogs that I follow have twitter (expect for Meg, get on it girl) where we can chat and laugh. I love that we aren't mean to one another, as we have seen on blog comments and twitter. 

 I'm not upset about the lack or followers or lack on commenting anymore, because I would rather have 3 or 4 regular commenters than 50 or no-commenters! If you take the time and comment, thank you!  

Now, go link up! 

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