Thursday, December 15, 2011


I'm linking up with Jenn today from Perfectly Imperfect for Currently.

Current book(s)
love me some Sparks

current playlist

Baby, It's Cold Outside - Lady Antebellum
Jingle Bells-Michael Buble (feat: Puppini Sisters)
White Christmas-Michael Buble (feat: Shania Twain)-two of the best Canadian singers :) 

current colour
Meep Meep Meep-OPI

current food
my daily smoothie and coffee :)

current shows

                                            Right now I'm watching BL from the start the season that just ended. 

current need(s)
a day to craft! Just a day, that's all. 

current triumph(s)
I'm at my lowest weight that I have ever been :) so happy. 
current bane(s) of my existence
the phone call I got from the mother who I was babysitting for last night. Asking me if I took her tickets for Mary Poppins. I know she wasn't accusing me of stealing them but really? Hard not to think it. 
current celebrity crush
Tim Tebow
Dolvett from the biggest loser

current #1 blessing
weight watchers. Thank you for helping me to lose 12.2 so far! 
current indulgence
minced meat tarts. So good for Christmas!

current outfit
ya, not taking a picture of my pj's.

current excitement
Santa will be there in 9 days!

 current favorite holiday decoration
our tree. 
current #1 item on your wishlist
Is it to late to ask Santa for one?
 current new year's resolution
Get down to my goal weight. 
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