Monday, December 12, 2011

The day we got our tree

Yesterday, my mom and dad and of course me, went to a Christmas Tree Farm to buy our tree. Karen went last weekend and loved it!

Not only was there 10457 trees, but the family that owns it (how cute is that?!) has a petting zoo at the back. My mom and I had a great time talking to the billy goats and bunnies.

It was so cold at the farm, even though we were only 45 minutes north of Toronto. The things we do for our trees.

As I'm typing this, the tree is being put up down in the basement :)

Great picture of my parents and I right?!

When we were done, we took a little drive to Unionville. The cutest, littlest town ever! We enjoyed sipping on our starbucks drinks and wandering into cute little stores along their "downtown" (I put that in quotes, because I don't feel like I'm downtown. Nothing compares to Toronto's downtown.  

Of course we took these pictures! 

Hi dad!

love this fam picture. 

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