Friday, February 17, 2012

Friday Randoms

Hope everyone is having a great day and looking forward to the long weekend. It's been a crazy week here, I had two mid-terms this week. I won't apologize for not blogging much because I don't want blogging to all I do and run my life.

  • First off, my heart is heavy today as one of my bloggy friends Jenn is at the hospital visiting her very sick gramma. Jenn wrote a great post explaining just how sick she is with stage 4 lung cancer. For all those prayer warriors out there, please include Jenn's Gramma in your prayers tonight. And pray for Jenn and her family as they need comfort.

  • I'm on reading week! So looking forward to having a week off. My plans? Sleep and homework. Sleep to get rid out the dark bags under my eyes. And yes, I should do some homework, get those assignments out of the way.

  • Things for my brothers wedding is coming a long nicely. Right now, Danielle's sisters and I are planning the Jack and Jill which is on March 24th. I've never been to one but from what Danielle tells me, it's a big party with prizes. I am beyond excited for this wedding!

  • Wanna knows what sucks? Getting a bleeding nose during my run this morning. Nothing like standing in the middle of the sidewalk gushing blood. Thank goodness I had a Kleenex in my back pocket! #closeone!

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