Monday, February 20, 2012

Grateful Monday-7

I truly believe being grateful in life is so utterly important. It's important to be thankful for this beautiful world we live in. Thankful for the roof over our heads and food in our bellies. Because we know, many, too many people, don't have that. They don't have the food in the bellies or even in the fridge or a home.

I have something to confess. The past twoish weeks I have totally slipped up on this. On being greatful. There are days where I come home from work and have no clue what to write down. Once this week I actually missed a day and had to think long and hard about the pervious day. What happened? What made me happy? And only then did I know what to write.

With that being said: I need to keep doing this journal. And I need to keep sharing with y'all. I know, from my stats that this isn't a popular post for people to read and comment on but comments and page views is not why I am doing this. Not at all. But please, comment away! I love hearing from each and everyone of you.  I am doing this because it keeps me going-knowing that I have to blog about this every sunday evening keeps me inline-keeps me writing down things.

So here is what I was grateful for this week.

Monday Feb 13th: my family sitting down for dinner
Tuesday Feb 14th: an hour study break at work
Wednesday Feb 15th: an amazing mid-term study session
Thursday Feb 16th: being on reading week!
Friday Feb 17th: losing weight again this week
Sat Feb 18th: watching the movie Courageous
Sunday Feb 19th: an afternoon to rest---and my brother's 25th birthday! Happy day Ry!

Hope y'all have a great week-I plan to be around much this week!
p.s get those birthday cards ready-it's a month till my golden birthday!

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