Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Pictures from the weekend


Being sick sucks! I've been fairly lucky this winter and haven't caught any of the sickies that have been flying around. Not even a little cold. But on saturday after coming home from picking out some paint choices for my room, ::bam:: I caught something fast. 

I'm thinking my brother brought it as he came in for the afternoon...what a nice surprise that was. 

I spent mostly all saturday reading, finally finished  the hunger games...really good btw and watched the movie courageous. Also, really good. 

Sunday I felt fine enough to attend church and again this sickness came on fast... again. It was like right after the second hymn that I felt like I needed a bucket, ya know, to do some business in there. Thank goodness I made it thru church. 

   And you guessed it, sunday was spent on pinterest, sleeping and watching the amazing race. Not doing a bit of homework and going for a run. Stupid sickies. 

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