Wednesday, March 21, 2012

20 things

As you know, My 20th birthday was yesterday and in honour of that I've put together a list of 20 things you may not know about me...or maybe you do and then it's just a re-fresher!

1) I have one older brother named Ryan, we are 5 years a part.

2) My great-great-great aunt Louie was the first female scout leader of Canada. Before this it was only men. Yea, that's my familys' claim to fam.

3) I have had the same best friend for 20 years. Karen and I have known each other, honestly, since birth. I love her.

4) I have know I've wanted to be a teacher since grade 3. I was that kid who read stories to my classmates pretending they were my "students."

5) I am a huge daddy's girl.

6) I went to highschool with  the hocky player Chris Tanev. He is a year older than me and plays mainly for the minors in hockey but he does get called up from the NLH to play!

7) I sleep with my baby blanket each night. That thing is 25 years old, looks disgusting but I love her, or him, it's gender changes.

8) I am a proud Canadian.

9) But I LOVE the states.

10) My Grandpa Hannon is my hero. WW2 vet, shot, paralyzed on right side of body, didn't let that stop him.

11) My favourite cookies are oatmeal raisin.

12) My favourite colour is purple

13) My favourite number is 16. No reason, just like it.

14) I dream of moving to the country.

15) I listen to very trashy music while running. The more curse words...the faster I run.

16) You know the zodiac signs? My brother is the first day of peices and I'm the last.

17) My Grandpa Campbell (mom's dad) and I LOVE cherry pie and vanilla milkshakes. My grandma Campbell says its scary how alike we are.

18) I still call Karen's parents Mr and Mrs. E. It sounds so strange to call them by their names.

19) I am a huge animal lover and my heart breaks when I hear of animals that are neglected and abused.

20) I'm excited to be 20 but I have cried because my teenage years are gone.

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