Monday, March 19, 2012

Hersey Kisses Pretzels-Guest Post

When Mandy asked on twitter (follow me: @lifeofsarahh) for guest bloggers this week, right away I replied back saying I wanted too.

I was going to write about my up coming 10k but thought y'all might find that boring so instead I am posting my favourite recipe that my best friend found on pinterest.   Seriously, how awesome is that site?

About a month a go my BFF made these for ladies class at church and they were a hit. As I started to plan my future SIL's bridal shower I knew I had to make these.

You will need:

M&M's or Smarties: As many as you want
Pretzel's: As many as you want
Hersey's kisses: You'll need one chocolate for every pretzel

Step 1: Place the chocolates on pretzels
*pre-heat oven at 200*

Wanna know the rest? Then go to Mandy's blog where I finish the recipe.

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