Friday, March 16, 2012

Ya, I'm strange. Aren't we all?!

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~ I think of my blog post ideas at work. *Like this one* Don't worry, I watch the pool but what else is there to do when watching people swim from the shallow end to deep end...and again?!

~Speaking of work: I must guard first during lane swim/aquafit. For the past 3.5 years, I've gone on first and now it's a habit.

~I drink my smoothie and read the newspaper in the same spot every morning. If my mom is up at the same time? Oh, God help us. We totally fight over it.

~I make sure to set my alarm 2 minutes early so I have time to update twitter/Intsagram and FB.

~I recently made a YouTube account and now I am obsessed with Jenna Marbles and the Shaytards.
Go check them both out if you haven't.

~I sometimes enjoy reading bridal magazines. This could be why I have my wedding planned out..minus the man.

~I wink back at my cats when they wink at me.

~Speaking of cats, I always make up nicknames for new cats I met. Sammy sounds better as Sammy Wammy in my opinion.
thank you katie for this idea :)

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