Thursday, April 5, 2012


I'm linking up with my girl Jenn for Currently.

Yes, she is the one who makes me want to move to Texas every time she blogs.

Current book:

Current Playlist:
Glad you came-The Wanted
We are young- Fun
Starships-Nicki Minaj
Drunk on you- Luke Bryan
Canadian Girls-Dean Brody

Current Colour:
OPI Koala Bear-y
Current food:
Oatmeal and coffee this morning

Current favourite show:
Love that The Secret Life of the American Teenager is on. Someone please tell me you watch it even though it's for like 14 year olds!

Current need:
I need classes to be done

Current triumph:
GETTING TO MY GOAL WEIGHT! I will blog about this :)

 Current banes of my existence:
Not seeing my very best friend in almost 3 weeks! No ones fault just busy, busy around here! 

Current blessing:
My family. My parents for nursing me back to health about the nasty flu last week. 

Current outfit:
love this outfit

Current excitement(s):

-Two classes separating me between being done.
-Danielle's bridal shower this saturday for her side of the family
Current Quote: 
"Patience with others is love,
Patience with self is hope,
Patience with God is faith"

Have a wonderful Thursday, friends. Go link up with Jenn and leave me some love! 

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