Friday, April 6, 2012

The time I remembered I'm running a 10k in two weeks

After two, almost three weeks I finally went for a run tonight.

I hate the fact that I went that long without lacing up and pounding some pavement but sometimes, just sometimes, especially around exam time, I would rather spend an hour studying than running.

That was two weeks a go then last week I got sick. Flu sick. Add in the fever of 102 all day and the chills  between 7-9pm every night like clockwork.

Needless to say, my bed and the couch were my best friend last week.

And all week the one thing on my mind was the fact that on April 22, two weeks this sunday is my first 10k and the farthest I've run is 9.3k...which I ran back in early February.

So the only logical thing to do was lace up. I only ran 30 minutes- 4.66k tonight but hey, it's better than nothing.

I'm happy that 90% of my assignments have been handed in and I only have 4 hours of classes left for the term because I plan to be out there, running every second day. I need to. My thighs need this.

I miss blasting my Drake and repeating left...right...repeat in my head.

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