Saturday, April 7, 2012

I did it! I got to my goal weight!!

I should have made this wayyy before. The differences on these pictures are incredible to me. Holy cow. 

I have been waiting for this day- the day when I can finally say I reached my goal weight plus two more pounds.

Back in October, I re-signed up for weight watchers in order to make sure I was not the fat sister at my brothers wedding. You can read about my journey here. 

My first goal was just to lose weight -anything.

Then I lost my 5% then my 10% and after that I started thinking about a number I wanted to see on the scale. My goal weight. And on saturday- after I brushed the sleep out of my eyes and jumped on the scale I stepped off with the biggest smile because I finally got to my goal weight. I didn't just hit it but lost two pounds of top of that. So technically- I've reached my goal weight and lost 25 pounds.

Even though I reached goal- I want to lose 3-4 more just for some comfort, you know, just when life gets in the way.

I am so happy right now. Hard work pays off guys.

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