Friday, April 13, 2012

Where I talk about my love for Friday's

First off-thank you for your kind words on my last post about getting to my goal weight. It's hard to put into words how happy I am right now. So thanks.

I can't believe in 4 short hours I will be going into my last class for first year. This year has flown by, which is great but scares me a little bit, before you know it I'll be walking across that stage.

Friday's are awesome around here. I seriously love Friday's.

All week I have all-day classes and placement. Some days I go straight to placement and right to work not getting home until 9:45pm. It's a long day.

But knowing Friday is coming up, keeps me going.

Friday's I don't have class until 2pm. It's soooo nice to sleep in! and slowly get ready. I can actually sit down and read the newspaper, eat my breakfast and read my morning devotionals.

It's heaven.

Monday's are also like this. No rushing around, time for myself.

I will make sure to plan my friday classes in the late afternoon next year.

Gotten from here

In other news, I'm off to Boston this weekend as my dad is running in the marathon. So excited to have a target 1.2miles away from our hotel and a kohl's 6 miles away! Oh and to see my dad run.

If you're watching the online stream on monday, look for a red hair man with CANADA written on his back. That's my daddy :)

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