Wednesday, February 6, 2013


This week has been crazy! I honestly feel like I haven't stopped since last week. 

1) Went to my first Raptors game Friday for a girlfriends birthday. And they won! 98-77 against the L.A Clippers. 
2) I love this picture of Alex's cat, Chuck.
3) My mom got her first hair cut since last August! She's doing awesome. Looks so healthy too. 

4) Loving my new Kiki La Rue shirt. 
5) Started making smoothies for breakfast again.  Spinach, banana's and a kind of berry. Very healthy.
6) My 91 year old Grandpa Hannon is very sick in the hospital right now. Bladder infection along with an upper respiratory bacterial infection. And high blood pressure and high white blood count. He's been in there since Saturday morning. I went to see him yesterday and he looks good. More colour and talk-a-tive. Please pray for him to get better and go back to his nursing home and see my Gramma. 

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