Wednesday, May 8, 2013

Vacation Withdrawal is the worst.

Coming back from vacation to real life is so hard. Especially coming back from the beautiful Punta Cana. Karen and I went on a girls week trip there this past week and it was so amazing. Never had so much fun with her and it was much needed. Now that she and I are in serious relationships we spend less time with each other so this week was great to spend together.

We mostly would spend the afternoons on the beach and later headed to the pool to cool off and enjoy more drinks. We got in some workouts at the gyms, gotta burn off that buffet food! 

We stayed at the lovely Gran Bahia Principe Punta Cana (in the Ambar side) which is 21+. For a girls week we wished we weren't put there because we were the youngest by far in Ambar and by 10:30pm all the adults were sleeping. 

The weather was perfect. Only rained for a few hours on the Thursday during the day and the rest was sunny and HOT! The food was great, mostly North American food (pizza, hamburgers) but by the end we were sick of the same foods even though they did try and rotate different kinds in every meal. 
Other than that we can't wait to go back! Worth it. 

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