Monday, June 10, 2013

Postin from the 'Bucks

This blog post is coming from the starbucks that is literally a minute away from my house. I actually feel like a "real blogger" now, blogging from the bucks.

I have a really big and important assignment due for one of my summer school courses and yesterday and brunch, my router decided to die. After 2 hours of re-booting my internet connection and using my home computer for research and typing up my assignment on my lap top on my lap..I gave up. Ain't no body got time for that.

So after my dad "fixed" it, which really wasn't fixed, I gave up and came to starbucks to finish the assignment today. I actually like working here. Usually I get distracted but today I motored through. Just submitted it! 

I've noticed a few things while sitting at starbucks over the lunch hour.
-Girls from the highschool love dressing in big sweatshirts.
-And they flirt so much! 
-These kids smoke so young. Their poor lungs. 
-Most of the students didn't even buy drinks but used the chairs to gossip for an hour. 
-Kids are annoying and I really hope I wasn't that annoying! Yikes. 

On a happier note, my Grandpa Hannon went home today from the hospital and back to his nursing home to my Gramma. Please pray that he continues to get better and lives for a really long time. 
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